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  • I accept documents via e-mail in PDF format and make the corrections directly into the document.
  • My markings are done in red, and any highlights are in yellow. Only pages with corrections are returned. To see all corrections and highlights, the latest version of Adobe Reader will be needed.
  • To ensure that I adhere to any preferences, I ask that a preference sheet be filled out.
  • I request that large jobs (anything over 200 pages) be sent in 25-page increments so that I can begin working on the corrections.
  • I reserve the right to charge a higher per-page rate of $0.10 per page for documents that cause me to take more time than the average time to proofread.
  • I e-mail invoices once a month at the end of the month and expect payment within 30 days.

My rates are as follows:
Turnaround time:
3-5 days: $0.35 per page
2-3 days: $0.40 per page
24 hours: $0.50 per page

For The Love Of Words, LLC
Ruth Dean
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P: 317.550.8805

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